Meet the Minimum Needs of All

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Meet the Minimum Needs of All (MMNA), 2030:

Borderless Spirituality

The guidelines of 'Exclusion Morality' (though not specifically written down anywhere: Machiavelli, the Artha Shastras?) , were not put into practice in a day and will take time to move into the background.

Likewise the guidelines of 'Inclusion Morality' go back about 2300 years, represented by the open hand of Gautama the Buddha, the intense message of visceral communication by Jesus the preacher on the Cross, and the strictures of Muhammad, (PBUH) , and have been continuously present in our consciousness, ever spiritually vigilant, watching for an opening to threshold the enticements and practical callousness of 'Exclusion Morality.'

In the 21st century, blessed with the characteristics of a flattened world, we are free to gain perspective on Kindness and Charity of 'Exclusion Morality', and are enabled anew to address the potential within us through Inclusion Morality of borderless spirituality, leading to MMNA.

Let it play... Let it sway... by 2030.

MMNA Intention


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