Meet the Minimum Needs of All

Monday, January 12, 2009


My dear (please speak out your name)


The middle-class has been taxed (8.3 trillion dollars-- $ 8,300,000,000,000) to pay for the economic slop cooked up by greedy bankers, brokerage houses, MBAs, regulators, politicians and 'save- my- seat' legislators, throwing many who need a paycheck, out of work; (Oops! sorry about that, caveat, bla, bla, bla...),

but there is a silver lining to what has happened: it dismisses further opportunity to entice a "religious belief" in an "invisible hand" guiding "free markets" for the benefit of all, (hidden within macroeconomic theories?), and gives the global polity an opportunity to sweep it aside, (shred it, delete it?) and design a way "to manage evaluated hope through mutual trust" from an organic viewpoint (now, what else is relevant?) in a global political economy, this time keeping "greed" and "loop holes" under check to "meet the minimum needs of all" (MMNA), intrinsically, from the very outset.

Through empathy and compassion, MMNA has always been a part of evaluated hope of the global population; but we have circumvented the Trust, (30,000 daily global poverty deaths!).


In Peace,
MMNA Intent


A More Perfect Global Union

Senator Barack Obama proposes to the American electorate, a 'more perfect union' to be achieved by the American people. He builds on the promises in the constitution pursued with vigor in the past by political leaders like presidents Lincoln, FDR and Johnson, and spiritual leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. His remarkable skills in organizing communities have succeeded through the democratic primaries to get the people to strive beyond the expected golden harvest from the democratic past, presented by Senator Hillary Clinton. In the US national election of 2008, the stale program of violence offered by the Republicans contrasts with the fertile transformation offered in the Obama vision. His futuristic slogan "this election is about you and not me" is a tactical winner and a strategic strong horse. Further, support for his candidacy offers catharsis over one aspect of American attitude and provides an opportunity to cleanse the sullied image abroad of the American administration.

However, the continuing disconnection of the American people and corporations, as well as the middle class and well off of other countries, from entrenched poverty and its associated sufferings, is worthy of our concern and action.

Some leaders have made substantial contributions toward lowering poverty creating some connectedness as we entered this decade:

President Carter made it possible for the public to examine objectively the injustices perpetrated by the Israelis, (please, not people of the Jewish faith at large), aided by American inaction, against the Palestinian people, thereby challenging institutionalized taboos in political debate; Vice-President Al Gore brought sensible judgment to bear on the global warming crisis (the need for accountability on the part of human behavior), that gained acceptance at Bali.

Since the 1960s, Preacher Jim Wallis of the Sojourners has attempted to focus our attention on global poverty; from the 1980s onwards, Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. has emphasized that religion must be an active part of daily living for each of us in contemporary society, rather than a token Sunday spiritual event of praying and giving; and Rev. Rick Warren has questioned whether the 148 million orphans of the world should not be helped through a global program of caring.

2500 million people live on less than $2 each per day. This results in 30,000 people dying of poverty each day! Where does accountability for this outcome rest: in a punitive God? Original Sin or Karma? In Presidents, Prime Ministers, Legislatures, or those who participate in the structural violence of the global political economy? Specifically, are the 1200 million people of the First World population residing in all countries that make more than $8 each per day, accountable for these daily poverty deaths?

Subsequent to human sufferings experienced during the two world wars, nations did arrive at the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But lacking a sense of connection with poverty, they relegated the Declaration to the low priority backburner, where it has remained. However, the UN adopted the Millennium Development Goals of 2015, and Quakers of New York Yearly Meeting approved a Minute in April 2006, to strive to "Meet the Minimum Needs of All" by the year 2030.

During the current watch, could we move towards 'a more perfect global union' in meeting the minimum material needs of all? Could we find ways to tweak the global political economy, as each of us has the resources of empathy and compassion from the Source within us and need look no further to feel a connection to those in poverty?

Given our conditioned preference for a secular approach to clarify and act on such questions, the First World populations of different faiths could be surveyed on whether the global political economy should continue with poverty deaths in their name, and if not, what it is they are prepared to do to eliminate poverty? Such a survey could be carried out by a global attitudes research team, such as the PEW Research Center. It is a matter of urgency for us to consider what we can do, as so many in poverty await resolution!

It is my expectation, that an outcome of such a survey would be to not wish to identify with any responsibility for the ills of poverty (which would strengthen the MMNA position: "No Poverty Deaths in My Name"). This could lead to positive global action enabling us to "Meet the Minimum Needs of All" through a consensus for the humanizing of corporate goals. It is time to operate globally utilizing our resources in empathy and compassion on matters that lead to life / death governance, and retire the "Clash of Civilizations, us and them" mindset. The people can do it.

Thanking you,
In Peace,
MMNA Intention

A report to Long Island Quarterly Meeting on "Meet the Minimum Needs of All"

Sunday, 1/4/09

Dear Friends,


During "after thoughts" subsequent to Worship today at PBQM, I raised my concern over the ongoing killings in Gaza.

Within models of continuity, an "eye for an eye" or "tit for tat", hold promise for negotiations in human affairs, while "two tits for one tat" or worse, represent lack of reason, ill-will and dehumanization, leading to suspicion, non-cooperation and revolt.

Israel's 60 year occupation and terror against Palestinians has escalated to a new brutality ratio of "100 for 1" in Gaza, re-igniting barbarism, and the people of USA need not be a party to their fool hardy attempt to manufacture consent ; dehumanization and barbarism were defeated in the second World War and the response to Israel and its cohorts today need be no different.

Their unethical effort can be opposed nonviolently, not by picking up body parts activating institutions of Kindness and Charity, but by expunging the nefarious scheme from Israeli / USA / consciousness, utilizing the global independent, non- mainstream media, supported by the people. Thank you IT and Google!

As the people strive to avert the dire consequences of discontinuities that accompany dehumanization, they may not be able to rely on the USA Administration that may have compromised itself in the matter.

The killing of Alexander, age 15, led to an eruption of pent up hope that had been thwarted by the Greek government under global malaise. Thank you REAL News, below at 11 and 12.

It is my estimation that the global population has awaited peace in the Middle -East since the Camp David Accord of 1978, and Israel and its cohorts must take note that global consciousness may well have passed "the age of acquiescence" to friendly vetoes against the call for Israeli compliance with UN resolutions. In this context in the Middle-East, we are close to an eruption in global consciousness.

Ultimately, it is the people who have to bear the burden, whether it is providing a bail-out for the USA led sub-prime economic collapse of 2008 or of asserting who we are, and who we want to be.

I request the WCC of NYYM to place on its Agenda, a Call to Israel and Palestine to cease all hostilites, independent of the outcome in the veto laden UN security council.

The evidence on the Israel- Palestine Middle- East conflict presented through You Tube videos below, was prepared by concerned others from a common- sense based, comprehensive, humanitarian viewpoint ; that, could aid everyone’s spiritual concerns as we manage our passions and take a stand.

In Peace,
MMNA Intention

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